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Beer tavern

Unique in The Netherlands

De Gouverneur beer tavern is truly unique. Of course, everyone says that about their own business – however, this is really the only beer tavern in the Netherlands. Did you know that we called our café a beer tavern, because this is the only phrase that describes exactly what we are?

Very special beer

Beer is the key concept of De Gouverneur. Our assortment consists of more than 300 speciality and craft beers, which largely includes beers made in the classic Belgian styles (although we have added beers of different origins to our range in recent years). Wherever they come from, all the beers in our Beer Bible have one thing in common:

They must all have a good story and a unique flavour. This allows us to say, without any hesitation, that our name and our beers are truly unique.

A tavern for connoisseurs

While a unique and international selection of speciality and craft beers is great by itself, it can be made even better if it is accompanied by delicious appetizers or snacks or a fantastic meal. De Gouverneur therefore also offers a menu featuring dishes served in traditional Limburg cafés such as a carpaccio sandwich, satay, steak, or our special De Gouverneur hamburger (believe us, you have to try this one!). What’s even better: our Liège-style meatballs and spareribs are made with beer!

All dishes on our menu can be ordered from the moment that our kitchen opens at 11:00 AM – even our must-try hamburger. On Friday and Saturday, we also have freshly made vlaai (traditional Limburg sweet tart) on the menu. If you’re coming by for just a beer, but your appetite starts to act up, then you can order our hoppas (hops+tapas) or famous snack boards. The perfect snacks to go with your beer! Delight your taste buds!

A selection from our Beer Bible

Val-Dieu Tripel

A warm shade of gold with a slightly sweet flavour that transforms into a deep, bitter finish

Val-Dieu Bruin

With a coffee and mocha character and a delicate aromatic flavour

Tongerlo Prior

Full-bodied beer with a powerful aromatic taste combined with fruity notes

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