While a unique and international selection of speciality and craft beers is great by itself, it can be made even better if it is accompanied by delicious appetizers or snacks or a fantastic meal. De Gouverneur therefore also offers a menu featuring dishes served in traditional Limburg cafés such as a carpaccio sandwich, satay, steak, or our special De Gouverneur hamburger (believe us, you have to try this one!). What’s even better: our Liège-style meatballs and spareribs are made with beer!

All dishes on our menu can be ordered from the moment that our kitchen opens at 11:00 AM – even our must-try hamburger. On Friday and Saturday, we also have freshly made vlaai (traditional Limburg sweet tart) on the menu. If you’re coming by for just a beer, but your appetite starts to act up, then you can order our hoppas (hops+tapas) or famous snack boards. The perfect snacks to go with your beer! Delight your taste buds!

A selection from our menu