The first Belgian specialty beer café in Maastricht!

In the Boschstraat, “De Gouverneur” opens a Belgian specialty beer café. At this site, two generations of the Marres beer were brewed between 1848 and 1929.

The beer brewery was also called the Falcons Brewery, because of the two looking falcons on the facade, which are still in its original state. Entrepreneur Roel Smeets and his wife Jolanda have therefore chosen for this unique location to open a Belgian specialty beer café.

Historic character

The historical character of the location is also reflected in the retro interior of the cafe with a wink to the past.
The Gouverneur also has a gourmet kitchen with fresh local produce.

During the day you can go to the Governor for a delicious lunch with typical Belgian dishes, in the evening you can enjoy a rich dinner and of course a nice special beer in a casual atmosphere.